Posted by: Dave Neads | December 6, 2007

Little Things Matter

It’s the little things that matter. Like peeling apples for instance. Rosemary salvaged half a bushel of apples from our long suffering apple tree down at the cabin. We still don’t have a companion that the bees can visit to cross pollinate our tree, so, every year, we get a crop of small green unfertilized apples.

After using the best ones, we were left with this motly, brown spotted, misshappen bunch of fruit that looked like ……

Glad Cab Apple Tree in June

the worst grounders you have ever seen.

The plan was to skin them, then slice the pulp into sections and make applesauce. I took one look at the pile of little apples and my first thought was that this was too much work for so little return. Be easiest just to throw them out, buy some apple sauce from the store in Williams Lake and be done with it.

Then I began to think a little. The little things. Peeling our own organically grown apples, to make a few jars of applesauce took on a new meaning.

Yes, organic, simply because all we do is let the tree alone. No fertilizer, no insecticide, no fertilizers, no enhancements. Just prune every couple of years keep the horse fence in place.

The applesauce we get is more than just organic. Because it is frozen in freezers powered by the solar panels, there is literally no packaging, we use recycled containers. There is no CO2 production in the making of, the transport of, or the storage of our applesauce.

No carbon foot print except that the tree which grows the apples is sequestering carbon as part of its life process.

All of a sudden, the chore of peeling these forlorn bunch of apples became an enjoyable thing to do.

One little shot in the arm for less CO2, one little coup for our own food over the mega structure delivering apples from God knows where to someplace we never heard of to put them in cans which are then trucked to our region.

None of that for our applesauce, we just picked the tree clean, peeled the apples and made the sauce.

Its the little things that matter


  1. Hi Dave and Rosemary,
    Mom shared your blog. I think that’s a great idea to share a little of your world. Keep it up and hope you both have a wonderful holiday and beautiful peaceful winter. Take Care, Nancy

  2. I often log on to Chris’s site to enjoy her photos and was so happy to find your link.
    Enjoyed your blog very much… fact, I think we stumbled upon your homestead two yrs ago during our quest for floatplane lake.

    We have a seasonal cabin on Anahim Lake and get homesick for the Chilcotin when we are away. So, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your efforts very much.

    Janet and Jack Stegman

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