Posted by: Dave Neads | December 31, 2007

Time and Miracles

Another year rolls around. 2008 will be our 22nd year living in the Precipice. Just long enough that the old timers call us “locals”. It’s not as good as being born in the West Chilcotin, but 20 plus years of surviving here does give one some credentials. You’ve done your time.

Time in a timeless land. Sometimes you wonder, just what does that really mean? Physicists talk of observation collapsing a probability wave into a discrete particle. In this view there is no static reality, just the possibility yet unexpressed. Time for the observer is different than time for the observed. All is relative.

Yet, when I look out into the mountains, the sky above and the endless wilderness that is the Chilcotin Ark, I can’t help but feel a different story. It is very difficult to conceive of a situation where the massifs, the sky, the forests, the wildlife, the totality that is the ARK, is just a mere probability until it is observed. It may be true that we lay values and meaning on the land which are uniquely human, things that do not exist until we think them, until we set in motion actions based on these thoughts and feelings. In this sense things may be relative, time may be a construct which shifts.

But under all that, I cannot believe that the sheer physicality of the ARK and the life it supports is just probability, non existant until observed. Quite the contrary, there is an essence, a ‘quality” as Pirsig would say, that extends far beyond our limited sense of time and space.

When you think of the vastness of the interstellar void, the scale of the miracle that wild places represent comes into focus. Wilderness is where the vital forces that create life in the infinity of the universe emerge. It is the evidence that there is much more going on here than simple human consciousness. For me, it is a privilege to feel those vibrations of creation, to have the mind, the body and the soul injected with humility, awe and true timelessness.

So, as we enter our third decade of living in the miracle that is the ARK, we wish all those who love wild places and all those who understand the essence of them, a very warm and fulfilling New Year.

Timeless Miracle

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