Posted by: Dave Neads | January 9, 2008

Is Global Warming Affecting You Yet?

It is really amazing just how fast things have changed in the last six months when it comes to the public acceptance of global warming.   On top of that,  most political leaders are onside even if they are not yet truly committed.

I think this shift has more to do with with the fact that global warming is affecting everybody than the big picture stuff.   Sure we’ve all seen the  startling pictures of polar bears swimming great distances to find ice, or views of European ski lodges stranded far from their former glacier settings, but it is the personal experience that really counts.

While extreme weather events aren’t anything new, the frequency and intensity of them during the past 10 years has everyone concerned.  Fire and floods are more common now, and have pushed up our insurance rates.  Our gardening patterns are changing, and not always for the good.  There have always been fluctuations in animal and plant populations, but when  many song birds suddenly disappear it makes one think about how different species are being affected by climate change.

Take ants for example.  Ants are part of life here in the Precipice.  Every spring when the April sun dissolves the last of the snow and the frost comes out of the ground, the ants revive themselves from their winter torpor and forage with a vengeance.  This means the house is no longer off limits and for about a month in the spring, out comes the boracic acid/sugar water mix to keep the ant populations under control.  Once things settle down in late June or early July, the ant cycle is over until next spring.

But not this year.  We have yet to experience any cold weather.  One night of minus 23C and that was it.  Here in the Chilcotin, it’s been the warmest November and December that anyone can remember.  Probably it’s the same for the ant’s memory as well, because they are starting to come into the house, foraging here in their usual haunts.  Not the spring hordes, but still–ants in January.

And the house flies are out as well.  Again, that’s not a January thing.  This kind of evidence can’t be ignored and it’s all around us; all we have to do is to take the time to observe the changes in patterns we have known for so long and have come to think of as regular.

What’s happening in your neck of the woods?  How is global warming affecting you?  Are you changing your life style in any way to cope with it, and prepare for the future?


Time for New Specs……


  1. HI Dave: Cornmeal also gets rid of ants. Just put a pile where you see them. They eat it, take it home, can’t digest it so it kills them. May take a week or so especially if it rains but you don’t have to worry about pets or small children being harmed. Also, what kind of horses are those in Cuba??? Really enjoy reading your articles and am especially interested that you are solar powered. Would like to find out more about that. Another thing if mosquitoes are bad in your area, just put a dryer sheet in your pocket – keeps the pests away.


  2. Janet, that’s a great tip about the cornmeal! Thanks.

  3. You’re not the only one! We’ve had a mess of them and still coming inside in below-freezing and snowy NY. Just can’t figure it out!

    Whatever the reason, it just can’t be good.

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