Posted by: Dave Neads | March 27, 2008

Dustings, Skiffs and Spring

The topic of discussion around the morning cup of tea was “How many dustings does it take to make a skiff?”

Bushed? Well some might say so, but when you live where we do, such discussion is generated by the events taking place outside your window.

Last night was a little colder, about minus 13 C, and we got a dusting of snow.  Think of a chocolate cake, where just the merest amount of icing sugar has been blown across its surface.  You can see the bumps and lumps of the cake beneath the white powder, yet the covering is still there in a transparent sort of way.

That is what a dusting of snow does, gives a delightful, scant coating over everything.   Heavier than a thick frost, yet still semitransparent so you can see the gold of the old grasses, the green leaves of the kinnickinick and the darker soil surface beneath, suspended in time and space, waiting for the morning sun to free them.

A skiff?  We decided that is about a quarter inch or so.  Definitely not see through, really gives a white coating to the ground and the trees and adds to the solidity of the existing snow areas.  We had one of those a few days ago.

This morning we concluded that at least four heavy dustings might make up a skiff, but the jury is still out.

Pass the tea please.


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