Posted by: Dave Neads | April 16, 2008

What Price Biofuels?

As a summary to the briefing information I previously posted on this blog, please note the following points:

1 .Burning wood to create electricity releases more CO2 per KWH produced than burning fossil fuels

2. CO2 created by burning interior forests will take more than 100 years to be resequested

3. It is impossible to resequester all the CO2 released when burning forests to create electricity

4. Logging disturbance releases more CO2 than leaving forest intact, beetle killed or not.

5. Logging forests to burn for electricity reduces Adaptation options

6. There is no comprehensive analysis of the carbon cycle in interior dry forests to inform policy makers

7. Decisions have been made and will be made in the short term to entrench burning forests as part of the long term provincial energy strategy

8. Serious, large scale research into solar, tidal or geothermal energy sources for the Province to move beyond carbon in any meaningful way are not being implemented.

Who is making the decision to go down the path of continued carbon dependance and increased CO2 emissions in spite of all the evidence that this direction is not only CO2 loading, it erodes adaptation options, is contrary to provincial target reduction legislation, IPCC policy and global direction?

Who is responsible? Who are the decision makers? Who benefits? Why are decisions being made without full analysis?
What are the political ramifications of this policy direction? Is it consistent with Western Climate Change Initiative goals and principles?

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