Posted by: Dave Neads | May 19, 2008

Wild Spring Rains, Hard Drives and Reality

Wild spring rains sharpen the air, filling it with ozone, a glassy mist and the bite of zest borne on tiny droplets, stinging the nose and cheeks as they float by.

It is at times like these, standing in the rain on the ridge, watching the roar of the swollen river explode over the valley, that I am fully aware of the distance we are putting between ourselves and the physical world which spawned us.

We walk around with Ipods jammed into our ears, blocking out the surroundings, going from place to place oblivious to the symphony that surrounds us.  Of course, walking in a city, with nothing but traffic noise made  by the scrape of machinery, the squeak of tires, and the roar of exhaling buses, complete with the hissing of air brakes and the  rat a tat of jackhammers keeping time, walking in the city requires an Ipod, just to drown out the din.

Once in the office, where bullet proof glass blocks out the helter skelter noise, the computer takes over.  The Ipod still securely in place, the mind now becomes the prisoner of the hard drive.  The little spinning disk sets the confines, determines the pathways, this little piece of electronic gadgetry becomes the vehicle for our imagination.  Whether on the net as some avatar in virtual reality or simply doing the rote of most computer applications, the electronic world becomes the world of existence.

It fools us. We are able to change realities, change worlds at the click of a mouse, at the stroke of a key.  We are interstellar voyagers in an electronic spaceship far, far from home.  Lost in space, we are disconnected from the real spaceship, severed from planet Earth.

That is why it is important to find a wild place and stand in a spring rain, to have the full suite of senses aroused by the primal contact with wind and  spray, to have the ears and eyes fully engaged with the rest of the body, to have the emotions and the energy connected, rising, touching the core of being.  This experience is a miracle available to fewer and fewer of us as we tunnel deeper and deeper into the hard drive reality, like moles seeking the centre of-of- of what?  Blindly, hypnotized, zombie like, we start to believe we can control all realities, not just the one on the LCD screen before us.  We get confused.

Wild spring rains remove the confusion. They expose the electronic reality for the sham it really is: a third rate, dangerous imposter.

Wild spring rains reconnect us to the cycle of life, birth following death, they validate the timeless truth of our being; wild spring rains present us with the true reality that we cannot control the vast forces in which we are enmeshed.


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