Posted by: Dave Neads | June 2, 2008


Have you had a WWOOFer lately? They are great. They have a good attitude, require very little maintenance, usually have great stories to tell and often come in pairs, which is really useful in those situations that need that little bit extra.

We’ve been hosting WWOOFers for several years now. At the moment we have one from Australia and one from Scotland, and although they had not met before coming to the Chilcotin they get along well, working as quite a team.

Originally called Willing Workers On Organic Farms, the organization is now renaming itself to World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms , but the principle remains unchanged. WOOFERs, as they are affectionately called, travel the world, exchanging work for room and board, experiencing the area around them. They work part days or several days a week and the host’s responsibility is to show them around the area during the other times, help them with learning English if they wish, and let them experience the local culture. We have a lot of backcountry opportunities here, fishing, hiking, exploring the mountains, wildlife viewing and so on.

Over the years we have made some good friends that we keep in touch with. Some have come back for a second stint because they like the Precipice and the surrounding country so much.

The exchange program works well for all concerned. Strictly speaking you don’t have to be a “farm”, but gardening, field work, and country setting is the norm. You can get more info at

Happy WWOOFing

WOOFERS at Work………….

and at play……………

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