Posted by: Dave Neads | June 10, 2008

Not All Taxes Are Bad

Sometimes taxes are a good thing.  They remind us that we live in a society, that we have collective responsibilities, that we need to pool our thoughts and energies to make progress on certain issues.

Highways, hospitals, schools, police protection–none of these things would exist for the general benefit if it were not for taxes.

Sure, we all moan and complain,  but in the end a society without a collective conscience is not a society at all.

So it is with the current wailing over the carbon tax.

Climate  change is real.  We are putting too much CO2 up into the air and we need to change our habits.  The carbon tax is putting the issue on the table and that is a good thing.   Yes, it needs to be massaged, worked on; but the fundamental idea of a carbon tax is a good one and the government needs to be complimented for bringing it in.

At $1.40 or more per litre a 2 cent tax is minuscule.  It is just political grandstanding to talk about economic hardship brought on by this tax.  Instead of dragging along in denial, it is time to get with the program.

Carbon taxes are a good thing.  Let’s work together to improve the way they are administered and the proceeds distributed.  We are in a new era, and new times demand new ideas and new approaches like carbon taxation.


  1. The idea that we wouldn’t have highways , schools or hospitals without taxes is completely ridiculous. These things are funded and payed for by the people who use them on a VOLUNTARY basis all over the world. Why do you feel the need to impose your ideology by the FORCE of government regulation. If your ideas are that good then you should be able to convince people that its the right thing to do without threatening them with jail or confiscation of property.
    That 2 cents a litre is a bit misleading as well since it is going to go up to 7 cents in a few years.

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