Posted by: Dave Neads | August 20, 2008

Time To Dump Old Habits

So it’s summer time, lots of company, even got some time swimming in our local lake, just trying to kick back a little.

On the way there we had to make a side trip to the “Land fill site”.  And that got me thinking.

First, what is this euphemism, “Landfill site” to describe a hole in the ground dug by a front end loader?  This big hole is a garbage dump where things are burned including plastics, and all kinds of other lethal stuff.  It is a garbage burning pit.  So let’s call it that, not invent some fancy name.

This second issue stems from the first.  The regional district, in a effort to save money, closed  garbage pits in two communities and dug a new one, part way between the two towns.  This way maintenance costs were halved,  only one contractor is needed and there is a big new electric fence to keep the bears out and the garbage in.  The Ravens and Eagles don’t respect the fence, but then they are really free spirits.  Makes a lot of sense, right?

Wrong.  This cost saving move on the part of the regional district is a classic case of old style, non-integrated thinking. Now everybody in both towns has to drive out onto the highway and  head for the dump several kms away.  Not only does that result in garbage along the roadside, as some stuff inevitably falls out of the back of the pick-up truck, the extra driving hugely increases the CO2 emissions for this activity.

So, the location of this new dump has downloaded the driving time to the people of the local communities and caused a huge increase in CO2 emissions.  In a post carbon world, such actions will be judged as unacceptable.  What we needed was a place to recycle, a refurbished local garbage pit and a government system that looks at all costs, not just the narrow bottom line.  Did I mention that the nearest recycling depot is a 3 1/2 hour drive, one way?

Yeah, I know, I was on my way to kick back, which I eventually did, but I just had  get this out there.


  1. We visited the Nimpo-Anahim land fill last week and we were disgusted at the mess. There was so much trash that had blown into the trees, fence and brush. Also, it seemed to me that the open pit was one that had been previously burried….I could be mistaken but it even looked like there was trash in the dirt they had removed from the pit. I would love to see bins to recycle plastic bottles and glass. We would be willing to pay a little more in taxes to help store and transport them to Williams Lake.

    Wonder how many other folks are wishing we could improve the land fill site….

  2. Janet:

    I wonder, maybe this is something to take to the CRD.

    The current situation may be cheap for local gov’t but it costs us and the environment a lot.


  3. Hi Dave,

    It was good to see you and Rosemary the other week. I’m glad to see you’re both looking healthy. My dad told me you had a blog, so I looked it up, and so far it’s a very enjoyable environmental narrative. I will keep up with your writing.

    Take care,


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