Posted by: Dave Neads | October 10, 2008

What To Do Today?

Sometimes I wonder where the time goes.  The older I get the faster it flies away.  Just the other day I was at the beach, swimming, enjoying the hot sun, caressed by the  warm breezes as they dried my skin.  There is no feeling like being air dried on a hot August day after playing in the water for a few hours.

That was yesterday.  Today I woke to minus 8, frost everywhere, new snow on the mountains, needing to fire up the heater, how did that happen?

The more precious life is the more it seems to slip away, the more it seems to be a chimera, hurtling past the window of my mind, teasing the soul, tantalizing the spirit.

Such a beautiful day today, clear cobalt sky, crystalline air, crisper than any Photoshop surreality.  What to do on a day like this?

Go for that last fishing trip up to the lake?   Take a hike up the ridge?  Wander along the stream bank, smelling fall in the air, watching the leaves spiral down into the clear blackcold waters of the creek?  Catch a glimpse of the harried beaver, rushing  to get as many trees felled as possible before the ice puts a lid on his world?

So much to see, to do, to experience in this marvelous miracle we live in.  To hell with stock markets, the doom and gloom of capitalism, today is a day for freedom, a day to set the soul free, like a dove rising into the ocean of energy surrounding all.

See ya later……….


  1. lovly, Dave. Thanks!

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