Posted by: Dave Neads | January 22, 2009

The Challenge

We all watched it. President Obama’s acceptance speech was remarkable on many levels, with his flawless delivery from memory to the huge number of topics covered.

More than anything though, I am impressed with the way he threw the challenge to the American people, and by extension, to Canadians as well. The challenge is to “pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off” and become reinvolved in making this world a better place.

A few minutes here, a few minutes there, it doesn’t take much to be part of the action. Maybe a donation to a charity, maybe one more day a month volunteering, little things done by millions of people add up to a big action.

Especially in the dead of winter, when the days are short and the mood is solemn, it is difficult to get the positive juices flowing. Here in the Precipice we are rather limited by deep snow, cold weather and the daily routines of keeping the fire going, the house running and the myriad little things needed to keep a wilderness lifestyle viable.

But, I’m an old hippy at heart, one who has the eternal belief that we can make changes, one who still believes that underneath all the overburden, we are simply just people trying to make the best of who and what we are.

That is why President Obama’s message is so clear. The world has shifted, it is time to move beyond the old worldviews, the old politics of power and oppression, time to move into a new co-operation, not just here but world wide, bridging cultures, religions and races.

It won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen easily. There are still many, especially of my generation, who feel that the old ways are best and will continue to move as if nothing is changing. Alas, these actions will cause conflict and grief, but like a thunderstorm that is passing, the lightening bolts will be fewer, the damage will lessen and the clouds will move away.

We only have one home, one tiny speck of warmth in the vastness of the cosmos. As a species this is our time to mature into co-operation. To keep alive the adolescent, tribal internecine rivalries which kill and maim will only lessen the chance that we will be here for generations to come.

Perilous times need great leaders, and I think President Obama is the man of this time. I hope we all get behind the vision and the spirit. I will do my little bit here in the wilderness and I trust you will do the same in your own special part of the world, wherever that may be.



  1. Yes Oboma can talk for sure. Too bad he has no money. Trillions of BORRORED dollars on short term programs is no answer. That is peanuts compared to what we spend in health care of all types. Just to stay a live a bit longer. They would have you believe if you spend enough money you can live forever. Spending our children’s and grand-children’s future so we can stay alive a year or so longer is so selfish. Yes the old hippie idea’s are still going strong. ME, ME AND ME AGAIN. Same as the banks. We screw up, and bail ME, ME and Me out. What an insane world.

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