Posted by: Dave Neads | March 15, 2009

The Eighth Wonder…..

Cold, freezing death is only an eighth of an inch away. Yet there they sit, unconcerned, their translucent green leaves arching toward the morning sun, licking at the frost. It is minus 29 this morning, just another sunny March morning in the Precipice.

Rosemary is in full plant mode these days, seedlings sprouting on every available south facing surface. Now it is breakfast with the plants, giving one the feeling of being in the tropics. Well, almost. Until you see the heavy frost on the window and realize there is a 50 degree Celsius differential across the thin little membrane that separates us and the tender young shoots from being flash frozen.

The word window is actually a corruption of the phrase “wind doors” from the time when houses had openings in the walls to let in light but there was no glass, they were just open holes. We have come a long way since then, taking modern glass as a given, not giving second thought to what an amazing material it really is.

No matter, the plants don’t care either, they just do their thing, growing like mad in the burgeoning early spring sunshine, gulping photons and spreading their foliage wings. During the course of the day you can actually see the long slender stems twist as the tops follow the sun, bowing forward, humble supplicants to Amen Ra, the greatest God of all.

By noon, the sun has melted the frost, the morning’s show is just another memory, one of myriad images collected through the seasons here in the ARK



  1. Cool photo!

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