Posted by: Dave Neads | April 10, 2009

Good News From the Middle ARK

Not all is doom and gloom in the forest sector.  In the West Chilcotin, the Redstone First Nation and the Tatla Resource Association have come together in a partnership to form B.C’s newest community forest, the Eniyud Community Forest (ECF).

The name Eniyud is itself tied to the land. In the local F/N tradition, the two prominent mountains to the south, Eniyud and Tatlow, were husband and wife, living together.  But as things sometimes turn out, they separated.  Eniyud and her children took up residence on the west side of Tatlayoko Lake, forming the Niut range.  It is for her that the Eniyud Community Forest is named.

The creation of the ECF is the latest milestone in a partnership between the two communities that started with the Cariboo Chilcotin Land Use Plan in the nineties. Then, in the spring of 2004, the West Chilcotin Demonstration Project was completed, creating land use agreements that provide multiple use options for a wide range of forest activities. The new community forest will be the vehicle for implementing these agreements in a real, on-the-ground manner. 

As part of this plan,  in order to diversify its activities and income, the ECF will look to non-timber forest products, First Nations cultural tourism, wilderness tourism and the emerging carbon credit systems as ways to complement conventional dimension forest products.

This venture is a stellar example of what dedicated, hard-working volunteers can achieve.  Without any compensation, squeezing precious time from their already busy lives, the directors of the two groups provided the impetus to get the project completed.  Without this core of volunteer support from both communities, the ECF would not be a reality.

The Tatla Resource Association and the Alexis Creek Indian Band received an invitation to apply for a Probationary Community Forest License from the Minister of Forests and Range, Mr. Rich Coleman, on July 6, 2007 with an annual allowable cut of 40,000 m3.

The gross area of the Eniyud Community Forest is approximately 115,070 ha, of which 89,449 ha is classified as productive area and 44, 048 ha of that belongs to the timber harvesting land base.

The community forest is comprised of two geographically distinct parcels. The largest, most southern parcel is approximately 106,204 ha in size, and encompasses Tatla Lake, extending south to the northern tip of Tatlayoko Lake along the west arm, and east toward Eagle Lake, then south to the northernmost boundary of Lincoln Pass, with the Xeni’Gwet’in trap line as the eastern boundary. 

The smaller parcel is 7,700 hectares in area and is located south of the Puntzi Lake chain north of the Redstone reserve and extending south to Hwy 20.

The Eniyud Community Forest shares its land base with numerous other tenure holders, including trappers, guides, woodlots, ranchers and recreation.

Both communities are looking forward to increased cooperation as the new business moves ahead, continuing to open new trails in the Chilcotin.


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