Posted by: Dave Neads | November 10, 2009

Country Vets and Winter Tunnel Vision


Last night we experienced our Precipice version of tunnel vision.

We don’t leave the Precipice very often in the winter but Chilko, our Maremma/Shepherd cross 100 pound “Puppy Dog” or “Mooch the Pooch” as he is usually called, needed to be seen by the Vet.

Fortunately there is a traveling veterinarian who comes through the country  once or twice a year, so when we heard that Carolyn  was passing through this week, we made several phone calls and arranged to meet her at a friend’s place in Anahim Lake while she was on her way back to Williams Lake from the Bella Coola valley.

She phoned us when she left Hagensborg and we started out at the same time, all of us arriving  at our friend’s house  a few hours later.  This was just another routine logistics issue like several we deal with year round; you just don’t “drop into” a Vet clinic out here.

We also took our neighbour Klaus and his 11 month old Komondor, (another 100 pound “puppy”) with us so the puppy could get his rabies shot.  On top of that, our friend in Anahim has three dogs: a black and white female Pit bull and two brown/white streaked miniature Shiatsu cross something or other who are smaller than his two cats. One of the something or others needed minor attention as did Louise, his aging Marmalade cat, so  Carolyn and her assistant Carey had lots to do.

They set up shop in the kitchen, spread out the implements and started the examinations.  It was really quite a scene, with five excited dogs milling around while Louise and a smoke grey Persian named “Elvis” presided, perched on the arms of a big old black leather chair.

Tests done, samples taken, needles administered, ointments applied and advice given, the team packed up the mobile clinic, loaded it into a big red mud splattered 4X4, and headed off to Tatla Lake,  where they would  spend the night and minister to more patients the next day.

It was on our way home to the Precipice, in the palpable darkness of a socked-in west Chilcotin November night that we experienced our marvellous, special brand of tunnel vision.  As we entered the snow-covered, tree-lined passage that is  our unploughed, ungraded 18 kilometer long driveway, ice crystals did a twinkly dance in the headlights, an early Christmas present.

It was an ethereal trip, gliding through the darkness in this winding tunnel, our vehicle becoming a spaceship exploring an alien ice world on the fringes of the milky way.

Tunnel thru dark road BW


  1. aww, lovely… but oh, so soon! hugs! d

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