Posted by: Dave Neads | June 8, 2010

Green Planet

The Green Planet

Green is part of every season. In winter it sticks its audacious head above the deepest snow, smiles back at the cruelest wind and ice, keeping the promise of new life alive. The green of summer is more mature, marching stately along, in full control of the palette, eating photons, laughing and drinking fine nectar; enjoying the full feast of summer.

As the last courses are served, the green of autumn retires to the lounge where it snoozes in the low light of afternoon, coyly rearranging its gowns, exposing gold petticoats, flirting with the winds, waving good bye to the less hardy souls who are beating a hasty retreat to the southern reaches of the realm.

But, more than any other, it is the glory of spring green that is universal. Bursting with energy, joyful, exuberant, dancing and singing with the sheer force of manifestation, spring green is unstoppable, life’s clarion messenger that the miracle is still being reborn each and every season.

Today is one of these special green mornings. Green is everywhere, from the river’s blue green sheen to the black mottled green on the hummingbird’s back as she perches on the feeder, calmly waiting for her next battle. These greens are not just a colour, these greens are the vibrations of life, tuned to the myriad energy flows emanating from the cauldron of spring.

ARK spring green is like no other. From the slick, glassy, shiny green sliding along the blades of grass mingled with the thick quilted green that lays deeply dark on the leaves of shrubs and bushes to the cottonwood leaves flashing white green in the morning sun one hundred and fifty feet above the forest bed, ARK green is magical. These high flying cottonwood leaves are a sure sign that the benediction of spring has been received.

Nearby, the fuzzy yellow green of the pine needles smiles at the squirrel, declaring that there are new succulent buds for breakfast. Along the riverbank, willows glow in the shadows, their lantern green beckoning to the moths and butterflies to stop by for a tasty snack.

There is the green of the frog’s leg, mottled, yellow streaked, pulsing over the taut muscles. This is the green of camouflage, the green that hides the predator in the grass, the green that is part of the transforming of life from insect to frog’s dinner.

More subtle is the pale translucent alabaster green of the ferns bathed by the morning light filtering down to the forest floor where their delicate new whorls are unfolding in the magic spiral of life.

It is no accident that the colour of green symbolizes peace, energy, hope and healing. Green is the colour that promises the ongoing mystery. We are told that the earth is the Blue planet, but in reality is truly the Green planet, where an oasis of spring green flourishes in the blackness of space.


  1. How lyrical and lovely Dav. I’ve been missing your writing. Have a great green day!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful piece. It hit home for me – I always thought english doesn’t do justice to mother nature. Think of the inuit who have multiple words for snow, and we only have one word to describe the greens created by mother nature.

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