Posted by: Dave Neads | October 2, 2010

Mabon A festival of Balance

In Pagan tradition, the festival of Mabon celebrates the Autumnal equinox. This is a time of seeking balance, a period to reflect on the rotation of the eternal wheel, passing from light of summer into winter’s darkness.

It is not a period of sadness, but rather a coming of age, a time of reflection, witnessing the inexorable turning of the great spokes in the life’s wheel of mystery, balancing season against season, energy against energy. This year ARK marked the eternal balance in many ways, but the most unusual was the balance of extremes. For week upon week the weather had been dry and hot, the fiery dance of summer. Forest fires raged, the sky was blackened with smoke and ash, it seemed as if the very gates of hell were loose upon the land.

Of a sudden, in a seeming blink of the earth’s eye, came the deluge. No ordinary autumnal outburst, the belly of the skies split open, creating a waterfall of rain drowning the lands below. The first days of autumn became the very opposite of unstoppable fire. They became the domain of primal deluge; raging rivers climbing over their banks and storming across the land, carving the parched earth into new forms, blasting bridges, roads and homes into oblivion, driving the fires of conflagration back into the earth.

Mabon became the ARK celebration of extreme balance. But that is the way of ARK’s energy, it exists on a scale far more complex, far deeper, far subtler than we can really grasp. In the flick of a cosmic moment some of ARK is renewed as fires transform forest and rivers assert their ancient sculpturing powers, elements of atavism in ARK’s being.


  1. Dave, Just wanted to let you know I so thoroughly enjoy reading your blog! For me your writing evokes beautiful, magical, amazing visuals of an otherwise mysterious wilderness. I’m now regularly sharing your posts via my Facebook page. Thank you for sharing with us all!

  2. Sherry:

    Thank you for the comment, Yes, ARK is a magical place, connecting our spirits to the larger spirituality..

    Hope you are well,

  3. Hi Dave, it’s special to be able to return to your blog with a sense of where you’re writing from. Our time in the Precipice was fleeting, but in that falling of the year into autumn, in the river running high, and in the unfolding of the Ark from the midst of the Rainbows, we travel on with some of the wonder of the place dancing about our shoulders. What you write helps to keep that dance alive. Here’s to all that you’ve done in chiselling out the Ark as haven.

    • Tom:
      Thank you. I know you and Becs and Freya and Kai, will be part of the ARK from now on. No matter where you travel, there will be an anchor here.


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