Posted by: Dave Neads | October 23, 2010

The Power of a Mountain


What is the power of a mountain? Is it the energy captured by its head, thrust into the clouds? Is it in the stance, anchored like a martial arts master in the crust of the earth? Is it the life forms supported by its chemical being?

Just what is the power of a mountain? It is all of these things and many more. It is the spanning of time, a bridge from now to then. Folded, melted, crushed, ripped apart and then reborn, the mountain carries the story of Earth’s toils and troubles; an emotional record of being a planet in the vast emptiness of space forever surrounding us.

A mountain is a Rosetta Stone allowing us to decipher language we intuitively grasp but rarely understand. Mountain-speak is the original proto language of hardened basalt shattered by time and water, punctuated with the cracking of gray granite by the determined roots of trees.

Ark has many, many mountains, yet while they all speak the same tongue, there are dozens of dialects. Below timberline, the sibilant chorus of stream and bird song rides on the whispering susurrations of the wind in the forest, mingling into sweet soft words of life and joy.

Higher up, the mountain snaps short testy epithets as the rocks fracture and shatter, splitting apart its very skin. Higher still, the throaty growl of glaciers rumbles across the slopes as they grind their way down the mountain, transforming solid rock into grains of sand on their way to the ocean deeps.

The barely audible, slow speech of the high mountains peaks, where time seems to stand still, is suddenly obliterated by shrieking winds screaming far into the night, filling the interface of earth and sky with relentless motion, fluid scraping against solid.

The language of a mountain is not well understood by the human mind, but we have glimpses of comprehension now and then when we are in the right tuning. At these times we feel the vibrations and sometimes we even get a full moment of story, like wide eyed children sitting around a late night campfire dodging sparks while listening to the wisdom of the elders.

ARK has millions of mountain stories; this is the true power of a mountain, to impart wisdom older than our species, wisdom tested and proven on the twin anvils of time and space.


  1. lovely Dave!

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