Posted by: Dave Neads | March 20, 2013

The First Day of Spring

As many of you know, Rosemary and I are in the process of selling our beloved home in the Precipice valley. Firhome, as our post and beam creation is called, will soon become the nest for someone else living in this wonderous place.

As a result, this will probably be our last spring experience here in the Precipice.

Over the next three months I will post as regularly as possible, sharing the thoughts, ideas and projects that are filling our lives in these last times.

It will be a rough, often tearfull ride, as we run the roller coaster of emotions from the pathos of leaving to the anxious anticipation of our next life experience.

It seems the Precipice, too, has some ideas about what is an appropriate beginning to this new adventure. We awoke to a dull grey sky, full of tiny bullet shaped snow crystals streaking downward through the morning twilight.

Ice snow, on the first day of spring. How apt I thought, the long embrace of winter reaching forward past the equinox, just to make sure we all know the major engine of this climate is still alive and well.

Not to be intimidated, a few brave birds were huddled under the feeder roof, scrounging what was left by the flying squirrels overnight. These slim pickings were all that was available in this dim shrouded world, far from the promised sunny climes of spring.

The scene is set for our journey.



  1. Thinking of you Dave. I’ll be following your posts.

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful writing and beautiful images that you’ve shared in your weblog about your life in the midst of those wilds. To me, that valley and the surrounding area sounds like one of the most precious and unique areas in B.C. and it’s been a joy to read of it from you. I’ve devoured most of your posts, as you and what you share resonate with me. Your keen efforts to help keep certain wild areas wild are also appreciated. 🙂

    I can imagine that you’re savouring (and will savour) Firhome and the Valley area before setting out on a new chapter of living! Whoever replaces you in Firhome will also have much to love, much to explore and many wondrous adventures of their own to enjoy. Speaking of new chapters of living, it will be interesting to know where you move to.

    Blessings and joyful cheer,

    Danny :o)

  3. How wonderful to hear your thoughts again. Also, that you and the birds are doing well. Cheers, Chris

  4. Dave,
    I am really looking forward to reading your posts the next 3 months! Here are some thoughts that may help frame your posts:

    In the Anthropocene we must abandon old thinking.
    We need to redefine the problem. By replacing the three pillars with a clear and simple idea: an economy, within society, within Earth’s life support system. A healthy planet is a prerequisite for healthy, thriving, prosperous lives. From this we need a new definition for sustainable development: “development that meets the needs of the present while safeguarding Earth’s life-support system, on which the welfare of current and future generations depends”.

  5. Why?

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