Twenty-six  years ago my wife Rosemary and I moved into a remote part of the Chilcotin Ark  called Precipice Valley, adjacent to Tweedsmuir Park.  We selectively horse logged centuries-old fir trees on our property and milled them into posts, beams and lumber for our self-built home in the valley.

We have been solar powered for all of these years, first in a small log cabin and eventually fully powering our 2200 square foot timber frame house.  As you can imagine, we have had a great variety of experiences here in the wilderness and this BLOG is our invitation for you to share our lifestyle and our view of the world generated by more than two decades of wilderness living.

Professionally, I have worked as a wilderness tourism /conservation consultant both locally, regionally and provincially since the mid eighties. As an activist I have helped create several organizations to assist communities in dealing with environmental and land use planning issues. Negotiating at land use planning tables I have been part of the creation of several protected areas in the central interior.

I am currently the manager The Eniyud Community Forest, a joint venture between the West Chilcotin community of Tatla Lake and the Alexis Creek First Nation.

On the provincial front I work with several ENGOs on the Bio Energy file.

In the end my  first love is wilderness and I hope this BLOG will connect with those who feel the same way.

All the best from Dave, Rosemary, Chilko and Obie


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. I look forward to your expanded creative communication.

  2. great!
    looking forward to your stories
    i din’t knnow you were solar
    i thot you rubbed sticks together and ran a genny off the truck fuel
    life is good in the city- chilly but only barely
    xo tb

  3. Hi Dave!
    What a great idea to share your experience and knowledge through this blog with the rest of the world! – I’ll be definitively reading them all!!
    Greetings from Switzerland, MO

  4. I’m subscribing to your blog today. I enjoy the outdoors and try to be there as much as possible. Your lifestyle intrigues me. Thanks for sharing with us all…

  5. Hi Dave & Rosemary-finally caught up with you. What a creative way to let the world know what you think. Until seeing the lifestyle you have created I thought we were really unique, if i were a bit younger i would start again as the neighbors are closing in, however I enjoy an illusion of wilderness and still draw and paint what i would like to see. Keep up the good work – I have always enjoyed your take on things environmental, drop a line if you can. Regards and best of the season. Roy

  6. I loved your article on the cottonwoods. We always had them in our yards, parks, etc., but as you say, people don’t want the muss or fuss! A great loss!
    We used the round pods in our pea-shooters as kids, collected the white cotton and pretended it was wool, shade was wonderful and just the hugeness was awesome. I am enjoying your blog -actually got it off Chris’ Nuk Tesli spot. Love anything that tells about this part of B.C. Used to live in the Cariboo – hope to take a rip at least as far as Hagensborg this fall.

  7. Greeting from a fellow wilderness lover and dweller up north, on the headwaters of the Yukon River!
    It’s fantastic that now more bush people are on the web and able to get their stories out; just the plain old everyday wonder and beauty of living out in the bush. On the one hand, hardly anyone is on the HF radio anymore, but maybe with the advent of satellite internet, us bush folks can eventually hook up via the web.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and thank you for protecting where you can.

  8. Hey Dave,

    Just checked out your site..Lots of time for writing up there. Cool dog…take care. Lloyd

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